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Ligia Maura Costa, Advocacia provides a complete service covering the entire banking system, including letters of credit and financing needs of clients – from large complex financings to small simple loans.
Companies confront the global challenges, an increasingly competitive environment and a growing regulatory burden. A fundamental understanding of these commercial, competitive and compliance pressures together with a unique network Ligia Maura Costa, Advocacia is ideally placed to help clients meet these challenges and achieve their strategic objectives.
The investment management industry faces unprecedented regulatory change on a global basis. Ligia Maura Costa, Advocacia is very well placed to address these challenges for investment management clients on a global basis and in particular on BRIC countries.
The political, regulatory, socio-economic and legal environment is becoming increasingly complex. The way that clients engage in the political and law-making process can be critical to the success of the business.
Industries confront the global challenges of an economic slowdown and increasingly competitive environment. A fundamental understanding of these commercial, competitive and compliance pressures together with a unique network Ligia Maura Costa, Advocacia is ideally placed to help clients meet these challenges and achieve their strategic objectives.
The expansion of insurance markets into BRIC countries is presenting insurers with new growth opportunities and challenging environments to do business. Ligia Maura Costa has significant experience in guiding insurance clients through these issues, including establishing offices, establishing distribution and agency networks, joint ventures, and mergers and acquisitions.
The oil & gas and energy sectors face unprecedented changes on a global basis. Innovative legal advice, including expertise in capital markets, corporate, construction, environment, litigation, PFI/PPP, project finance, restructuring and real estate are provided by Ligia Maura Costa, Advocacia
Private equity has long been a key focus for Ligia Maura Costa, Advocacia. The firm offers unrivalled expertise and resource, in particular in BRIC countries
Ligia Maura Costa, Advocacia advises the real estate industry on the full range of real estate-related transactions, in particular in BRIC countries.
Ligia Maura Costa, Advocacia has an in-depth understanding of the sector and brings the right mix of industry knowledge and experience. The firm invests time to understand clients’ strategic objectives, offering legal relevant and practical advice.


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Ligia Maura Costa, Advocacia helps to resolve your business disputes through arbitration, mediation or conciliation, local or international. The firm has a strong track record in developing and implementing innovative commercial solutions for the amicable settlement of disputes. Ligia Maura Costa’s regularly acts for clients, mainly as arbitrator, in investment protection arbitration, joint venture and M&A disputes as well as commercial dispute arbitrations in the energy, construction, infrastructure, pharmaceutical, aerospace & defense, banking & finance, insurance & reinsurance, shipping & transport and telecommunications sectors.

Antitrust issues are increasingly complex and critical to the success of business. Ligia Maura Costa, Advocacia offers strategic and commercial advice on a broad-range of local and multi-jurisdictional antitrust matters, in particular in BRIC countries.
Ligia Maura Costa, Advocacia advices Banks on some of their most complex transactions and help them address some of their most challenging business issues, in particular in BRIC countries. The firm also advises regulatory authorities, supra national bodies, governments and government agencies
With Ligia Maura Costa’s unrivalled reach in BRIC countries, we are able to provide coordinated advice on corporate policies for organizations operating in a global market, in particular in BRIC countries. We advise, draft and help clients to implement CSR codes on a range of related issues, including facilitation payments, the presumption of guilt and human rights, corruption in public procurement processes, relations with intermediaries, gifts and hospitality to public officials, contracts with Members of Parliament, the effect of the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials, the appointment of ex-government officials and ex-elected representatives to private sector organizations, rules for lobbyists and political donations.
Ligia Maura Costa’s firm provides specialist support to clients involved in all sectors of the construction industry including infrastructure, energy, oil and gas and real estate, in the development of procurement strategies in engineering and construction agreements and in the analysis and allocation of construction risk.
Ligia Maura Costa offers guidance and legal expertise focusing on environmental aspects of our clients’ businesses. The firm brings real expertise, technical understanding and entrepreneurial thinking to this complex and rapidly changing area of law.
Ligia Maura Costa provides expert local and cross-border services covering all aspects of the insurance/reinsurance industry.
Ligia Maura Costa, Advocacia is used to dealing with technical and specialist subject matter, giving clients a more applied knowledge of how IP laws are exploited in practice. Analysis of IP-related agreements in M&A and financing projects, inputting into transaction documents and preparing associated agreements are common practice of our firm.
Nowadays, international law is extremely relevant to any corporation with a presence in multiple jurisdictions, and to anyone involved in trans-national matters, including trade, commerce and investment. Ligia Maura Costa’s firm provides specialist support to clients to assist them to evaluate the impact of international regulation, such as export control legislation, anti-money laundering, anti-corruption regulations, bilateral investment treaties and investment protection, International environmental law and regulation, International trade law, including the WTO regime and its provisions, Risk assessments for international projects and investments. Also, Ligia Maura Costa offers advice to clients on public international law, in relationships involving a State or international organization, such as State and diplomatic immunity, privileges and immunities of international organizations and NGOs, treaty obligations, State responsibility, boundary disputes, human rights, international law on sustainable development, law of the sea, proceedings before specially constituted claims tribunals, proceedings before other international courts and tribunals, including the International Court of Justice and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.
Ligia Maura Costa’s in-depth experience in advising on a wide range of trade law matters, such as WTO; Anti-dumping; Anti-subsidy; Safeguards; Trade barriers; Customs and origin; Export controls; Preferential trade arrangements; and Bilateral and multilateral trade agreements. The firm has also extensive experience of advising on third country trade proceedings.
Ligia Maura Costa, Advocacia advises clients on their strategic and challenging transactions across all the major markets and in many cases with multi-jurisdictional dimensions, in particular in BRIC countries. High proportion of our work reflects the international client base, which recognises the combination of our technical and commercial expertise.
Ligia Maura Costa, Advocacia advises clients on their challenging operations all over the globe regarding legal status and implementation of sustainable development issues. Services provided includes assessment of the legal status of principles and rules of international law in the field of sustainable development and the practice of States and international organizations in this field; analysis of the impact of globalization on the sustainable development opportunities of developing countries, in particular BRIC countries.